23rd - 25th October, 2015 @ Edinburgh.

NSScotland 2015: Workshop Day.

In addition to the main conference on Saturday/Sunday we are delighted to offer a Swift workshop on Friday 23rd October.

Tickets are available, separately from the conference, on tito.io

The tutorial will be held in a the John McIntyre Conference Centre at Pollock Halls. Exactly the same as the main conference.

Please bring a laptop running OSX 10.10 or 10.11 and the latest AppStore release of Xcode.

If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch.

Thinking in Swift
with Daniel Steinberg

You’ve learned the fundamentals of Swift syntax, but you’re still thinking in your native language. You’re writing Objective-C, Java, C#, … code in Swift.

This fast-paced workshop shows you how to take advantage of Swift features to write more robust code that is easier to reason about. We’ll spend a good part of the day looking at functional programming and playing with map, filter, reduce, and flatmap but we will also create instances of classes, structs, and enums.

One of the strengths of Swift is that it can borrow the best from a multitude of paradigms. We’ll look at how to succesfully weave together OO and functional code into a readable and flexible architecture.

We assume that you are an experienced programmer who has spent some time looking at Swift but you aren’t yet an expert in Swift. You understand most of the hows and whats of working with Swift and are looking for the whys and wheres.

If you liked last year’s workshop, you’re going to love the one we have planned for you this year! And if you didn’t attend last year’s, take some time to acquaint yourself with Swift Syntax (we know a good book!) and join us for a day of Thinking in Swift.

Daniel Steinberg

Dim Sum Thinking

Daniel Steinberg has spent the last three decades programming the iPad and iPhone. OK, he hasn't. But he's been programming the iPhone and the iPad since the SDK's first appeared in beta and Mac OS X for many years before. Daniel is the author of the book iPad and iPhone App Development, the official companion book to the popular iTunes U series from Stanford University.

Daniel presents iPhone and Cocoa training for the Pragmatic Studio and consults through his company Dim Sum Thinking. When he's not coding or talking about coding for the Mac, the iPhone, and the iPad he's probably cooking or hanging out with his wife and daughter.


Alan C. Francis

In 20 years, Alan’s done a lot of different things in Software. He’s built control systems for dams in FORTRAN, the original DVD authoring tools on Windows in C++, Financial Systems on Solaris in Java, System Monitoring software on Linux in Ruby, and these days merchant tools for iOS in Objective C. In between he’s been an Agile process consultant for ObjectMentor and ThoughtWorks, and co-organises the Scottish Ruby Conference.


Paul Wilson

Paul is a coach and coder with over ten years of experience of Agile/XP. He is an active member of the Ruby and Agile communities, and co-organiser of the Scottish Ruby Conference. He has spoken at many conferences and events; these include RubyConf, The Naked Agilist, and guest lectures at Glasgow Caledonian and Edinburgh Napier Universities.